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Physical fitness has an integral effect on a person’s life. My job is to help you learn ways to improve your fitness levels to enhance your daily activities and leisure time pursuits. Education is an important tool in equipping you to understand and get the most out of your fitness program. I may have been in your shoes at some point in time, as a student, parent of a student, working woman and more. Now I have come to a period in my life that I have the time to devote to helping others work toward their fitness goals. I have dealt with overcoming injuries myself and can be attuned to your obstacles. I believe that together we can implement an evolving program that is tailored to your needs.

"I always DO enjoy my sessions with Jane Freeman, because she is an EXCELLENT trainer!  Ours was a match made in heaven, and she has helped me tremendously since I have been working with her.  I have recommended her to many of my friends and colleagues, and hopefully, one day some of them will be wise enough to sign up to work with her as well." - Mellonee Burnim, Ph.D.